Начало Културни събития LES MACHINES with Katrin Wolke & TØLR

LES MACHINES with Katrin Wolke & TØLR

Welcome to “LES MACHINES” – industrial and hard techno concept event with a special guest from Poland!

Welcome to “LES MACHINES” – industrial and hard techno concept event with a special guest from Poland!
Katrin Wolke [She is Techno, Hot Techno Near You Records]

Katrin Wolke made a huge impact on the local techno scene, becoming known as a great DJ, attracting a lot of people to the dance floor through her style, unique selection and incredible energy she shares with the audience. She Is Techno podcast was created with the goal of disagreeing against any discriminating behaviour in the male-dominated scene. She became involved in organizing techno events with other girls co-founding Techno WIR. Katrin began her career by working with an experienced electronic music producer. Now working closely together, they have releases for MOTZ Berlin and are working intensively on new projects. Her latest idea brought to life is the digital label Hot Techno Near You Records. The audience will hear fresh and unreleased bangers.
TØLR [Normative]

Teodor Spasov, also known as TØLR, is a DJ and producer from Pernik, Bulgaria. Born in 1995. Music has been around him since he was a child. He started working more professionally at the end of 2019. When he founded his label ‘Normative Records’ he has already released with Hearts Whispers, Pure Hate 000, VNR Agency Records, Hard Gang and has many more releases. Inspired by these Industrial sounds combined with melodic sounds in combination with this form of his kick. You will be transported to the real Hell. Where nothing is forgiven and you can’t avoid it like that. It makes you move even and unconsciously to the last drop of force that remains.

Tatt Blossom



Defect [Sound Frequencies, Rave Together BG]

05.05.2023 Friday
22:00 – 06:00
Koncept Space ( bul. “Nikola Y. Vaptsarov” 6, 1407 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia)


05. - 06.май.2023
Изтекло събитие!


22:00 - 06:00


15.00 лв

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