Начало Културни събития Sous-Vide Records pres. Silat Beksi & Asael Weiss

Sous-Vide Records pres. Silat Beksi & Asael Weiss

Sous-Vide Records is a Norwegian imprint based in Oslo focused on minimalistic self expression & creative compositions.
On this special occasion , we are delighted to present to you our finest selection of contemporary expressionists from around the world.

We are pleased to bring to you an artist, who over the last decade has been pushing the sonic boundaries into new territory with skill, and purpose. Even during time of war and lack of electricity music was still coming out of the Ukraine mainstay. With his newly released vinyl on Sous-Vide, Silat Beksi writes a new chapter in minimal education for those versed in the field.

Hailing from Israel and a resident of the infamous former The Block Club. He represented the first ever vinyl release at Sous-Vide imprint. Asael Weiss of Tel Aviv paints intricate soundscapes of dark matter as he takes his audience on a journey deep into ominous atmospheres, resounding bass lines and electrifying synths so hypnotic they might be conceived by an alien life form.

Label boss Skjaerstad bringing his crew and local support in Avgustin and Rado for setting the tone of the night.


08. - 09.сеп.2023
Изтекло събитие!




35.00 лв

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